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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Last day of online charity auction!

I've donated a painting called 'Matilda Mae' to a friend's charity online auction which is going to raise money for a very worthwhile cause, see details below. 

The facebook page for the auction is at

This auction closes at 11pm tonight (Wednesday 4th May) so get your skates on if you want to place a bid for the painting below!
How it works - if you are interested in any of the items please send a private message to the facebook page above or to the following email address:, with your name, the item and your bid. 

Keep an eye on the facebook page as there will be a daily update with the highest bid.


This is a silent auction to raise funds for Jen and Olivier's Kilimanjaro climb which they are doing in October to raise money for the charity 'Caring Matters Now'. It features many excting artists and I hope that everyone will enjoy this unique opportunity to buy hand made and beautiful work. 

A word from Jen and Olivier:

Our daughter Mia was born in 2006 with a giant congenital naevus or CMN. A CMN is a very rare condition and is a brown or black, hairy mole present at birth. Mia's covers her back and she has three on her scalp as well as numerous 'satellites', smaller CMNs. It was a worrying time as not only did she have a large birthmark but we were told there can be associated risks where CMNs may be present on the brain or spinal cord which can cause complications. There is also a small risk of melanoma. Mia had an MRI scan when she was 1 year old and was found to be free of any problems but we have always felt that after what we went through we want to help other families and to help raise funds so that that the support group, 'caring matters now', can continue it's good work in educating on the subject and also raise funds so that research can continue at Great Ormond Street Hospital. 'Caring matters now' has been a great support to us because we would have known very little about the condition due to it's rarity or known what actions to take. 

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