An Unwanted Birthday

Monday, 7 February 2011

Sailboat Hat, Sad Stefano and An Unwanted Birthday

'Dolly Daydream'

Here are the latest batch of paintings I've just completed. 

I'm still obsessed with birthday parties, birthday hats, circus performer has-beens, dolls houses, and dogs on wheels. I like to convey a hint of melancholy in the paintings which conflicts with the saccharine bright hues which I use. A sickly sweet, nostalgic depiction of slightly out of date toys, dolls and animals.
'Sailboat Hat'
The winner and loser of the 12th annual birthday hat contest briefly share a moment of contemplation 
(joy tinged with bitter regret)
Close up of Stefano's sad circus face
'Patrice the Pixie'

'An unwanted birthday'

Petula always hated birthdays, but this time she really meant it, so much was her repulsion for the annual event that she refused to blow out the  candles on her orange blossom fondant confection, in the vain hope it may cancel getting another year older. Percy the small house guest was more than a little bit angry at the prospect of a party without cake.