An Unwanted Birthday

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Zoos, butterflies and pet portraits

Glorious Jefferson

I am officially a very happy lady as I sold one of my paintings at the Curiosity pop up shop (Birds with Bow Ties), so a massive thank you to that brilliant person! 

I found an amazing vintage zoo set at a flea market recently to add to my collection of vintage toys and dolls houses. I love the colours and the revolving blue wooden post at the entrance! I will be painting more curious creatures soon, I have a current thing about lobsters, swans and pelicans!

Pet Party

Henry's Zoo

Shy Cuthbert

Decadent Dog 

A Questionable Hat For Bumble-Lion

Sketchbook scribbles


All images are copyright to Emma Challacombe 2010

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  1. WOW Emma! These are just spectacularly amazingly BRILLIANT! I am so pleased to see you making such wonderful wonderful new and exciting work... and looking forward to having one of my own one day soon! Big kisses and look forward to seeing you, CoCo and the hunky tradesman soon Cx