An Unwanted Birthday

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Too much flower cake will leave you queasy

Flower Man

Iced bun hat

Too Much Flower Cake Will Leave You Qeasy

5 O'clock Shadow

This week's new paintings... I'm getting quite addicted and have too many ideas and not nearly enough time! I'm delighted to be showing a selection of my new work at a show in London next month which has been curated by the very organised and clever Catherine Hammerton who has brought together a really interesting mix of makers, designers and crafts people together in a pop up shop called Curiosity, have a peek at to find out more about the makers involved.

Picnic of Mostly Cake

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

They often wear bow ties and may even wear a cake as a hat

Party Pooper (probably a self portrait)
Title now changed to...
Shy at the Party

New paintings this week... all in aid of a pop up shop on Clerkenwell Road in September... keep watching my blog for further information. I'm pretty much obsessed with portraits of imagined creatures at the moment. I really want to create a children's book which will obviously involve cake and parties and will try to capture the ridiculous excitement you felt as a child at the prospect of going to one of these sugar fuelled candy coloured events! How is it that I can't seem to summon up that sense of excitement anymore, I must be getting old!

A Cake for a Hat

Bow Ties and Poison
Birds with Bow Ties

Monday, 9 August 2010

They often wear bow ties

This is a group of paintings which are the starting point for my new collection of portraits. The knitting will commence shortly once I unravel the millions of balls of wool that have been locked away in a studio that has sadly not been used much lately due to work commitments. Slowly but surely I will get my creative life back in full fighting force and you will see it develop on this blog!

Imagined dolls, toys and animal portraits which are scribbled and stitched with paint and ink, fabric collage and embroidery. A healthy dose of knitting and crochet is thrown in to add a cosy element to the sometimes sinister inhabitants. They often wear bow ties with peppermint stripes and eat a lot of food, mostly cake. Sometimes they even have a cake for a hat.

I've started making
of my beloved dog Coco, perhaps one day I will have an entire wall of them!